Mowgirl’s Repair Shop Burns to the Ground

Although the posts I write are mostly humorous and witty, this one is not. This is serious. Due to an electrical anomaly my work shop burned to the ground August 6th. I lost everything inside the shop, as well as the entire structure. I had collected 20 years’ worth of tools—dozens of rechargeable tools, grinders, drills, saws, an air compressor, shop vac, two Craftsman tool chests and countless socket sets—all gone. My surfboards and electric scooter and family memorabilia all burned, as did our camp gear and luggage and a refrigerator full of food. I lost a chain saw, an edger and a weed eater. My mower melted, my house melted, my swimming pool melted. And sadly, the hutch in which our two bunnies dwell caught fire. One of them escaped but the other was trapped and died. My family and I are still in shock. Our entire back yard is a sea of black ash, charred wood and melted plastic. We are grateful that no one was hurt, and that our house did not catch fire. But Mowgirl now has no shop in which to repair equipment and no tools for making those repairs. The task of cleaning up the massive mess and rebuilding, and then restocking my tools will take months. And thousands of dollars. All this is happening during my busy season—the time of year when we work ten-hour days six days a week, chasing lawn mowers around month after month. I am overwhelmed. My spirits are crushed. I need help…and that’s exactly what I got from my children, who put together an incredible way to let people help from the comfort of their own home. Click the link below for more details.

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