OMG! My website fell between the cracks! Resting deep below a year’s worth of dust, it has seemingly been forgotten-like a credit card payment or a dental appointment or your mother’s birthday…But fear not! I’m yanking this site out of those cracks with a vengeance! Like a hidden weed I’m grabbing hold of my pen (keyboard actually), shaking it off and starting anew. And how appropriate…a time for new beginnings is upon us. Spring is around the corner, glittering with new possibilities, new resolutions and fresh starts. Can you feel it in the air? The smell of thawing muddy earth and brown melting snow…the biting winds and single digit temperatures slowly giving way to chilling gales and gentle slush. Snow tires are stored for another year and galoshes replace fleece lined boots. Mittens are tucked away, scarves stowed, sleds and toboggans stuffed into the corners of the garage…NOT! That kind of spring is just a bad memory for a lot of us Floridians. It’s the impetus for our sojourn south. A Florida spring is gentler, kinder and brief. Too brief if you ask me or any of my lawn care constituents. Florida spring is sly. It’s sneaky. It comes in like a lion and leaves like a steam bath. Windows on every house abruptly slam shut for the next 9 months, while air conditioners roar to life. And the grass? Well let me tell you about the grass. It jumps to life and in the blink of an eye begins growing with the ferocity of a chia pet. And then it’s GAME ON. Relentless sun, epic humidity, deathly heat and grass on steroids…that’s a Florida spring to the typical lawn monkey. The gateway to hell. But we at Mowgirl Lawn Care walk through it with our heads held high, our deodorant spread thick and our sunglasses polished! Spring has sprung and we’re ready to pounce! Look for more pseudo-interesting blog posts, coming soon.

This is NOT a snowflake…

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