Seasonal Tips

feast_seasonal tips

Gorge yourselves, my beauties!

With the advent of spring your plants, trees and lawn are ready to eat. Lent is over! Let the food flow! Choose slow release fertilizers for your entire landscape.  These types of fertilizers feed your plants  small amounts over a longer period of time. They’re better for the plants, and better for the environment.

Spring is also a good time to prune your plants. Wait until they stop flowering, then prune moderately. For trees, never prune more than 1/3 the total height. For instance, if your crepe myrtle tree is 12’ tall, remove no more than 4’ for a major pruning.

Check your irrigation system at this time, before the real heat moves in. Make sure all heads are working properly, and that water coverage is adequate. Only water what needs to be watered! Last I checked, the street and the sidewalk do just fine without being irrigated.