A Ten Spot

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A lot of weird things happen to us lawn monkeys. Actually, I can only speak for myself. A lot of weird things happen to ME as I go about my work week. For instance, take the time I was tooling around on my 48″ Scag, meticulously mowing moderately mild mounds of grass in one of my client’s yards. Squeezing my machine between an overgrown hibiscus hedge and the largest Indian Hawthorne tree I’ve ever seen, I was nearly poked in the eye by a ten dollar bill. No kidding.

ten dollar bill

The bill was impaled by an errant hibiscus branch, and it dangled in my face at about eye-level. I stared at it for a moment, fully expecting it to suddenly get yanked away by some prankster who had some fishing line masterfully connected to the bill. But nothing like that happened. The ten spot fluttered slightly in the breeze, and you can bet I snatched it up quick as lightening, and stuffed it down my shirt front (the Mowgirl doesn’t have pockets). I innocently continued mowing, while glancing over my shoulder now and then, watching for some maniac who lost ten bucks coming at me with a machete. Who said money doesn’t grow on trees?

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