We’re Getting Fat!

After a prolonged and weird winter, we’ve finally entered the true spring season. And with spring comes heat, humidity, and swim suits.

Looking pretty fancy...

Looking pretty fancy…


And with swim suits comes the startling realization that our bodies have not only turned a nauseating whitish color, but they have also developed odd jiggly protuberances that were not there last summer (or so we’d like to believe). And with those unsightly protuberances, a.k.a. fat, comes….the D word! DIET!!! Shrinkage, reduction, minimization.  

It seems everyone is trying to get smaller. But not Mowgirl Lawn Care!



We’re trying to fatten up, grow bigger, enlarge and expand. With a new 16’ trailer, new equipment, and additional man power we’re ready to take you on! So stick to your diet, but splurge on your lawn service and hire Mowgirl Lawn Care! Gorge yourself on our expertise. Feast your eyes on the beautiful yards we create. And as always, our estimates are free, so indulge yourself.

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